This website is about the GOAN Christian Community of Pakistan. Every Goan has ancestral roots in Goa, India, formerly a Portuguese colony. All Goans of Pakistan are predominantly Catholic. Although the 'Christian Community of Pakistan' has contributed immensely to nation-building; this endeavor is solely dedicated to researching, highlighting and archiving the GOAN community's historical background, cultural heritage, significant achievements and contribution to Pakistan, before and after independence.

Touching Lives!

February 10, 2011 It is gratifying indeed to see how the Goans of Pakistan website is touching the lives of people who long ago left the shores of their once ‘home country’ and are now ‘settled’ in another! Though Pakistan for them is now simply a country where they once lived, it holds the ‘key’ to their hearts and emotions. It is a place where they have left behind the mortal remains of their near and dear ones, long-lost brothers and sisters, relatives and friends, and nostalgic memories of people and places; and therefore, I feel they shall always have that ‘eternal’ connection to Pakistan. I am grateful to God Almighty for helping me to ‘find people and places’ and connect them to people in all parts of the world where the Goan Diaspora lives. So please don’t hesitate to ‘ASK’ for you shall ‘RECEIVE’ the information you are looking for...for as long as there are people here who can still remember/recall people and places of the halcyon days, there is HOPE! – Menin Rodrigues (

July 18, 2012 - Hi Menin, this is Bobby Frederick writing to you, and of course performed as Jesus Christ super-star; oh my God do I remember those days. The reason I am writing to you to ask you if you have any photos or movie clips. I remember there was an article somewhere in the news papers, Morning News or Dawn? You may look into news papers archives, might be the best way. I would appreciate if you can do your research and forward it to me. God bless and best regards.
Bobby Frederick - USA

April 24, 2012 – Your listing does not contain any entries for Anthony Mascarenhas, Journalist with the “Morning News” in Karachi.  He sought asylum in London, UK in June 1971, following publication of his story on genocide in the London Sunday Times, on June 13, 1971. If you would like to know more about this journalist and author, I’d be happy to provide you with more details.
Allan Mascarenhas – The UK

Thank you for your note. Since I had little unconfirmed information about Anthony Mascarenhas, I had made a casual mention of him in the section on 'Journalism & Writers' of the GOANS OF PAKISTAN project. It is copied here for your information: (Anthony Mascarenhas was probably one of the most prolific of journalists to be produced by the community. He wrote for the Morning News which was the largest circulated newspaper in East and West Pakistan. His daring political analysis of the brewing-up of the crisis that dismantled the East wing was a turning point in the history of journalism in Pakistan). Since then, I have received some information, including the full story he wrote in the Morning News. Yes, I have every intention of noting his name in the 'Milestones' section of the website and also preserve/archive the article that he wrote on the site. Yes, sure, I would like to have more information about his journalism-career with the Morning News and some of his other 'pieces' that he wrote on issues pertaining Pakistan of that time etc. Do you have a picture of him? Thank you.

April 24, 2012 – Menin, Thank you for writing back!  Your kind words have been conveyed to my mother, who is still alive and well, living in London, U.K.  Yes, we have lots of pictures of dad, and I shall make every effort to send you one in an attachment as soon as possible. If you Google the London Sunday Times of June 13, 1971, you will see the entire article.  Also, Harry Evans, the editor of the newspaper at the time, recently published his book "Paper Chase" which contains his sentiments when he met dad for the first time, you might find it very interesting.
Allan Mascarenhas – The UK

October 6, 2012: Allan, it’s been a while. Do send me more information / articles / pictures of your dad.  I would like to, with your permission, archive them on the site for the information of all present and future generations. Thank you

March 26, 2012 – Just a thought, I understand there is a home called Maryville. I have heard that there are one or two guys I know, so I was wondering if I can get  list of the persons in the home, so that i can send them a card, renewing our memories, but please if it is too time consuming a job, forget about it, I know you are a busy guy. The guys I know are Santan Vaz (Stan) he was my classmate, as youngsters we were together in the evening at school and also visited China creek to learn swimming; the other guy is Roque, relative of Anthony Coutinho, and we worked for one year in 1945 at the Naval Stores in Mules. Tell them I said hello, can I send them an email? I believe Roque is in bad shape, thanks.
Hilario Pinto, Ottawa, Canada

March 11, 2011 – You don't know me but my name is Malcolm Dann. In 1958 when I was twelve I went with my family to live in Pakistan. My father was sent there by his company to set up an engineering training centre at Karachi shipyard. We returned to the UK in 1961. During that time I went to St Patrick's High School and was taught by a fantastic teacher, if my memory serves me was called Norma. From an Internet search I've come up with Norma Fernandes and from the various sights I've been on there is a possibility you may know her. I would like to know if you have any contact details for her I would love to have a chat with her and see if she can remember me. From her details she was at definitely at St Patrick's when I was there then it would appear she went on to KGS in 1966 and retired from there in 2009. I would be very grateful if you could satisfy my curiosity, would you know if she is still alive and if so is she contactable? Please pass on my email to her.
Malcolm Dann – The UK

Norma Fernandes is known to me quite well. Your info about her teaching at St. Pat's, later at KGS and her retirement in 2009 is absolutely correct. Norma is very much in Karachi and I will pass on your details to her and also try and get her contact email to you. Happy memories...! Your stay at St. Pat's School seems to have coincided with the Centenary of the School, right? The President of Pakistan, Field Marshal Mohammad Ayub Khan was the Chief Guest; also accompanied by Mr. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto (Benazir Bhutto's father) who was then the Foreign Minister of Pakistan. Did you have a role to play in the celebrations, and have some pictures to share?

March 11, 2012 – Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I'm sorry I don't have anything at all on the Centenary Celebrations. I wasn't aware of any such event I left Pakistan in April 1961 returning to the UK by boat arriving sometime during the early part of May. I think the celebrations would have been during my return or just after? I do have plenty of photos that my father took, I would be happy to share them with you if there is anything of interest to you. Some of when Queen Elizabeth visited Karachi, also of the various houses we lived in and places we visited but unfortunately nothing on what you were asking about. I do have some taking of me in my St. Patrick's uniform which may be of interest to Norma if I make contact with her, she might recognize me from them. I would imagine that Karachi has changed a lot after all it's been 50+ years since I was there but I would love to come back and see how things have altered, places like Elphinstone Street and Hotel Metropole. Obviously the world has changed politically as well that could possibly be an obstacle if I wanted to come back. I do hope you can make contact with Norma that would fulfill a long time personal quest for me which has only recently been made possible by the Internet. If I can be of any further help please don't hesitate in contacting me.
Malcolm Dann – The UK

March 6, 2012 – I am Dominic Jacob originally from Pakistan. Long ago when I was in Karachi I had three students, daughters of Mr. John D. Braganza of Kandawala Road Karachi (not far from Mary Villa Convent/Home for the aged). If I remember the names right, one was Clare, the other was Francisca and ... I do not remember the name of the third one. Recently I have moved to Toronto from New York with my family and remember that one of my students mentioned once that she would be moving to Canada. I wonder if you could help me trace one of them.
Dominic Jacob, Toronto, Canada

The family is known to me. John Braganza passed away a few years and so did Clare. Francesca Levi-nee-Braganza lives close to my house; I just spoke with her and have also copied her. Thanks

March 6, 2012 – Thank you very much for the effort you put into this search and thank you for the message. I am sad to hear that Mr. John and Clare have passed away - reminds me of my parents, relatives and friends who have passed away too. This is one lesson I am beginning to learn that life is short and we must love the ones the Lord has given us in our lives NOW. We may not have time to do so the very next moment. I am trying to love my wife and three daughters every day. Yesterday I talked to a couple of my friends; Fr. Augustine and Wilson and am shocked to know that they are very ill and enduring much pain. I am praying for them now and have made up my mind that the soonest possible I will go to MD, USA and visit them. I thank the Lord for blessing me with a new friend in you. I pray that the Lord will bless you and take care of you in every area of your life. Please send to me your Skype contact information so that we can chat every now and then - I miss home and would like to talk to someone who is there. I visited Pakistan in 2009 and looked for my friends but could not find any - I do not know where they are. Please convey my regards to Francesca Levi-nee-Braganza. I have attached a recent family picture. My wife Gladys Ruth is from the Philippines, behind her is our youngest daughter Roshni Manna, Shikaina Chandni is in the middle and behind me is Vanessa Sitara. This picture was taken in NY when we visited Vanessa last Christmas. She is studying there - on her way to become a doctor. Shikaina is into media - the Lord has blessed her with an angelic voice and she is studying to become an Audio Engineer. Roshni is a ballerina. Stay blessed in the Lord Jesus Christ
Dominic Jacob, Toronto, Canada

January 15, 2012 - Hi Menin, Good Afternoon! Could you please let me know if anyone knows a Simon D'souza who worked in Bahrain for Cable & Wireless in 1980's. Someone from the Bahrain Goans would like to contact him. Thank you.
Marion D’Souza – BAHRAIN

October 21, 2011 - Dear Menino, I was browsing through your website on Goans in Karachi and came across an 'Almeida chowk' dedicated to an ex-police officer. I work for the Navhind Times and would be glad if you could send me more details and put me in touch with the family. It would make a nice story.
Derek Almeida – INDIA

October 18, 2011 - Dear Menin, Before I introduce myself to you I like to thank you very much on behalf of myself my husband Francis and my sisters Annie and Julie for visiting Tony and meeting with Sr. Goretti and forwarding the photos. I was overwhelmed and emotional as I have not seen my brother for 7 years. I am Irene D'Souza Tony’s youngest sister. Both my husband Francis and myself visited Karachi in 2004 before my heart surgery. Due to our ill health and personal circumstances I have not been able to visit Tony but call him and talk and happy to hear his voice. I spoke to Sr. Goretti and Tony and she said that you have your own business, thank you Menin for making the time in spite of your busy schedule to visit Tony for which I am very appreciative your thoughtfulness. Thank you once again for all the trouble you took, sorry I could not reply earlier as our computer was not working. God Bless.
Francis & Irene D’Souza – AUSTRALIA

October 6, 2011 - Dear Menin, we, Julie Christie, Irene D’Souza and I are writing to you from Australia, in the hope that you will be able to help us. We are 3 sisters who immigrated to Australia over 30 years ago. We have a brother, Anthony, in Karachi who lived at Peace Haven, Catholic Colony No.2, all these years. We tried our best to bring Anthony to Australia, unfortunately Anthony is intellectually challenged person and we were not successful and not allowed to bring him. We have been given to understand Peace Haven wants us to find another place for Anthony. Having been away from Karachi for so long and not having any relatives left who we can approach for help, we are writing to you hoping you will be able to help us. Is there a place run by our Church or Nuns where they accommodate people? Anthony is 60 years old. We earnestly hope you will be able to help us, or give us some contact details where we will be able to get some help. When replying please copy to Julie and Irene as well. Thanking you and awaiting your urgent response. God Bless.
Annie Furtado – AUSTRALIA

June 6, 2011: Thank you for being soconscientious in finding the answer to my question. I was very sadto hear of Rudy's passing and that of his wife. Life is a fragile thing. I havesince located his niece and hope to make contact with his brother soon. Iremember Rudy's music skills very well. He was, indeed, gifted,both instrumentally and vocally. Thanks again for your time and effort.
-Yvette JuddHarper, Canada

May 11, 2011:
Your site, Goansof Pakistan, has just been brought to my attention and I read withinterest some of the articles you have posted. One in particularcaught my interest and as I read it, my eyes fell on the name of thelate-50s band TheRockets. This led me to wonder if by chance you might befamiliar with the whereabouts of any of its members. One in particular -Rudy Wilson - was a friend of mine but we lost touch many years ago. Iwill continue to read your articles. I'm sure I will findmuch of interest and will also experience moments of nostalgia.
-Yvette JuddHarper, Canada

January 18, 2011: Hello! We would be very grateful, if you could please give us the phone number/ e-mail add/ physical address of Fr Jimmy Desouza. We think he is in Christ the King church in Karachi but are not sure. We would like to be in touch with him after many years. (After whereabouts were given). Thank you ever so much Menin, We are very thankful for this, with warm regards from Canada
- The Stouffville desouzas, Canada

January 13, 2011: Please note that my name is Jude Girgol Alphonso, and I am from Karwar, Karnataka, India. Sir, I have a few relatives in Karachi, whom I don’t know where and what they do. I did meet one Mr. John Alphonso in Goa once 15 yrs back, i lost my purse carrying his address and lost track of him. Sir i kindly request you if you could find them for me, so that we can have a family reunion after all these years. I am desperately waiting for this. Hope you will help me find them if you can. My sincere thanks to you in advance
- Jude Alphonso, Karnataka, India

January 13, 2011: Read your article via Google titled Footprints on the Sands of time was really impressed. I live in Australia, originally form Bombay my family has had their roots in Karachi and Peshawar. My Mum a Britto was born in Peshawar her father was in the navy and my great grandfather worked for Telegraphs in Peshawar. My mum’s father and his 2 brothers were in karachi and came to goa in their latter years. My mum’s 1st cousins John Britto & his wife Alzira Britto were in Karachi. John sister Catherine married my fathers's brother Joaquim D'Souza. Catherine and Joaquim had no kids my aunt Helen D'souza also lived in Karachi with Joaquim. Now you may wonder Why I am telling you this; my uncle was active with the KGA and was on the committee quite a few times he lived in Nazimabad in Hussein D'silva town he died in 2003 but had a good life we could never keep in touch due to the wars he retired from Barrows welcome a pharmaceutical firm as the Genaral Manager and worked as a management consultant after retirement and his sister Helen was working in the adminstration department of the school attached to St Jude’s Parish. I am told she is in an aged home run by Goan nuns. I need your assistance to find her. I am told that John Brittos children who are my second t cousins are in the USA and Canada; their names are Rita and Lourdes (He had gone to the states on a scholarship in the late 60's). I feel sad I would like to get the contact details of the aged home which I was told is Marysvale but I have spent hours on Google trying to get in touch with some one. Please email me and let me know if you can help. I wonder if this will help Bishop William Gomes was from Karachi and eventually was a Bishop in Pune in India, his brother Tibus and his family still live in Karachi. Sorry to give you an ear bashing about my family but much appreciated if you could help
- Cleta Noronha, Australia

December 19, 2010: I am trying to locate an old friend, his Name is Dicky (Richard) Drago, his late father was a very senior medical practitioner in Mirpurkhas, Sind, after 1962 I lost track of Dicky, though I heard he may have gone to Switzerland. I also knew his elder sister Patsy (Patricia) Drago and another one of the siblings was Phillipa; as I do not have any Goan friends in Pakistan, I tried to attempt a search on the net. I am hoping that you may be able to help. (Dickey located through Philipa): That is wonderful news! Thank you for the effort, My warmest wishes for a Very Merry Christmas! Am looking forward to catching up with dear Dicky! (Writing to Philipa and me): Dear Menin, Thank you for your help it is much appreciated! I am really excited about connecting with Dicky after so many many years! Phillipa, I was one of the "original" Braganza Boarders in Quetta along with Muzaffar Hussain Shah and Khalid Latif, both from Mirpurkhas in those days, have run into Muzaffar on ocassion, but he had no idea where dear Dicky was!! Thank you both, Have a great New Year! God Bless
- Zahid Husain, USA

December 7, 2010: I am looking for some contact information for Mr. Terrence J. De Souza. He is listed as a male teacher on your web site. As you already know he was a teacher at Saint Patricks and then migrated to the USA. I now live in the USA as well and would like to get in touch with him. Any help from you is welcome. Thanks
- Dilshad Peters, USA

November 16, 2010: Good Morning, I am looking for my Uncle -Mr Francis Xavier Paes who lives (lived) in Quetta Pakistan. Last known address: 10 D Askari 4, Rawalpindi, OR, c\o Sousa Restaurant, Court Road Quetta, Baluchistan; c\o Maj Azra Sequeira, 11/2 Durrani Road, Quetta, Pakistan. How would I go about finding him and contacting him? (No promises, but I will try! Menin).Thank you very much for offering to assist me in trying to find my uncle. I was just wondering if you had made any headway as my mother (Evelyn DSouza nee Paes) was anxious for any word on her brother
- Dylan Dsouza, Canada

September 21, 2010: Hope you are okay? My name is Ali Hamdani I live in Karachi but I’m Portuguese national my enquiry was about a Goan teacher who could possibly teach Portuguese language to my younger sister and brother as they want to give Portuguese exam to qualify for there nationalities as we have been living between Portugal and Pakistan from last Eighteen years. A help from your side would be great and appreciated, waiting for your reply, Regards
- Ali Hamdani, Karachi, Pakistan

January 20, 2010: Thank you so much for helping me with this search....I appreciate your kindness very much. Have you ever been to the United States? I live in Hawaii but went to college in New York and lived abroad for many years. My father was a political science professor here at the University of Hawaii with his specialty being India and Pakistan government; most of his students hold high government positions in India, some in Pakistan and they spoke of dedicating a school in his name many years ago but nothing materialized here in Hawaii. There is a graduate/undergraduate lounge named after him at the University. I could never really figure out why they chose Rawalpindi as my
birthplace and will always be in search of this meaning, I will email the person you gave me tonight and hope some things may unfold. Again, thank you very much for your help
- Aloha, Alexis Friedman

January 19, 2010: Your posting about your recent visit to Goa was like a ray of sunshine, after the acrimonious debates on GoaNet in recent days, pitting RGs (Resident Goans) versus NRGs (Non Resident Goans). Your post was heartwarming as it gave a true picture of where Goa is today, dispelling the doom and gloom stories about Goa. Despite the ravages of time, politicians, developers, migrants etc., the real Goans are still around and life goes on in traditional Goan style mainly in the villages. I attended the GoaNetters meet at Foodland/Miramar Residency and appreciated your views about life for Goans in Pakistan, dispelling the very slanted news we get from the Indian press. I am sorry that I could not stay long enough to chat, as I wanted to beat the rush hour traffic. I came to live in Goa, 8 years ago, after retirement in the USA. I was born in Tanzania from whence I migrated to the USA. So coming to Goa to retire was a leap of faith, but I never regretted the decision, as deep within the psyche of each Goan is an intense love for our ancestral home, a love probably instilled within us by our parents. We in turn need to pass this love for Goa down to our children. You did that by bringing your children to Goa. Next time, do spend more time in Goa to attend the Festas, Ladainhas, and the 3-day wedding celebrations consisting of the "Roce" ceremony (bathing the bride or groom in Coconut milk) the Wedding day itself with Mass and Reception, and the "Pottone" when the Bride and Groom with an entourage consisting of the entire village return to the Bride's original home for another reception. The customs are quaint but endearing. Welcome home to Goa once again, and may we get to meet and have more of a tęte-ŕ-tęte - Warmest regards,
- Vivian A. D'Souza



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