This website is about the GOAN Christian Community of Pakistan. Every Goan has ancestral roots in Goa, India, formerly a Portuguese colony. All Goans of Pakistan are predominantly Catholic. Although the 'Christian Community of Pakistan' has contributed immensely to nation-building; this endeavor is solely dedicated to researching, highlighting and archiving the GOAN community's historical background, cultural heritage, significant achievements and contribution to Pakistan, before and after independence.

Source: Villagers of Moira Toronto Silver Jubilee Souvenir Booklet.
Courtesy: Mr. John Nazareth.

When one of the relatively new parishes in the Archdiocese of Toronto was named after St. Francis Xavier we would have expected a Goan to be involved - and so it was, the pastor being Fr. Terence De Souza. Fr. Terence was born in 1932 in Jacobabad, in then British India, later, Pakistan. After studies in Karachi, he chose to become a priest and was ordained in 1960.

As a priest Fr. Terence has been very active both in physically and mentally. From 1960-68 he was Secretary to the Archbishop, and 1968-70 Secretary to the Papal Nuncio. From 1970-75 he served as Editor of Christian Voice, and in between (1973-75) was appointed Vicar General of Karachi. If that were not enough he chose to be pastoral priest of Landhi which required him to say Mass in the streets for the poor of the region.

In 1975 he accepted an earlier offer by Bishop Fulton to come to Toronto because by that time, a significant number of his close relatives had immigrated to this region. He served as Associate Pastor at Our Lady of the Airways Parish in Malton (1975-82), moved to Pope John XXIII Parish in Don Mills as Pastor, and finally was asked to start a new parish in Mississauga which he canvassed relentlessly to have named St. Francis Xavier Church. He is still pastor of the parish and expects to lay the foundations for the church building in the spring of 1997.

A strong believer in education, Fr. Terence decided to run for Trustee in the Dufferin Peel Separate School Board after receiving approval from then Cardinal Carter. He was elected twice and served between 1988 and 1994. When a new high school was opened in his parish boundaries in 1990 he gently canvassed the parents to asked for the name St. Francis Xavier - and so it has been named.

Fr. Terence is a proud Goan and Catholic. He is a resolute believer that firm roots are important to sustain a strong family and staunch faith. On many an occasion he has used the example of St. Francis to urge us on. As he says "St. Francis did not bring Catholicism to Goa, but he strengthened it. Likewise Goans have not brought Christianity to Canada, but we can strengthen it."

When asked why he became a priest, he replied that he is not sure. For one, as a child his health was not the best and so his parents did not push him. He credits two factors: first, his godfather was once a seminarian and may have influenced him; but perhaps most of all, the constant presence of prayer in his parentsí home created a fertile environment.

(Contributed by Jack Fernandes )

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