This website is about the GOAN Christian Community of Pakistan. Every Goan has ancestral roots in Goa, India, formerly a Portuguese colony. All Goans of Pakistan are predominantly Catholic. Although the 'Christian Community of Pakistan' has contributed immensely to nation-building; this endeavor is solely dedicated to researching, highlighting and archiving the GOAN community's historical background, cultural heritage, significant achievements and contribution to Pakistan, before and after independence.

Profile - Fr. Louis (Joseph) Mascarenhas OFM

Fr Louis (Joseph) Mascarenhas was born on November 17, 1933 in Catholic Colony 1. He started school in St Lawrence’s Convent School in 1939, and then moved to St Patrick’s High School in 1943, finishing High School in 1948.

Louis worked in Indian Life Assurance Company, Karachi for a few months and then went to D. J. Sindh College where he completed his F. Sc. He entered the Franciscan Order in Bangalore in 1949, and made his first profession in Palmaner in 1950. After completion of the juniorate in Palmaner in 1952 and philosophy in 1954, he returned to Karachi and completed his theological training and was ordained in January 1958. That same year he went to Rome for higher studies and did his doctorate in theology in 1961.

Fr. Louis then spent a year in the Middle East learning Arabic, and visiting the countries of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. He returned to Karachi where he started teaching at the Christ the King Seminary in 1962. In 1969 he was called to Rome to work on a mission document for the Assembly of Provincials in Medellin, Colombia. In 1972 he went for psychiatric counseling to Kansas, USA.

In 1974 Fr. Louis started a new style formation house for Franciscan students living in apartments where almost all the flats were occupied by Muslims. The house was self-supporting. That same year he was invited to become a member of the International Commission of the Order for dialogue with Islam. In 1984 he was part of a Commission in Rome to draw up the new Constitutions of the Order, which were passed in the Chapter at Assisi in 1985.

He was the first Pakistani Provincial from 1985-1994. In 1993 he was a guest professor at the Theologie interkulturel of Frankfurt University and lectured for 3 months in German, and in 1994 he was guest professor at the University of Tilburg, Holland.

Coming back to Pakistan in 1996 he pioneered the new mission station among the tribal people in Khipro, living in a hut without electricity and running water for three years, where he set up a good school for the education of the poor.

In 2002 he was appointed by Rome as Visitator General for the Vice-Province of Papua New Guinea, in 2006-2007 as Visitator General to the Franciscan Province of the Philippines and in 2009-2010 as Visitator General of the Franciscan Province of South Korea.

Fr. Louis Mascarenhas still teaches at the National Catholic Institute of Theology and is bursar of the Franciscan Order in Pakistan. (March 20, 2013)


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