This website is about the GOAN Christian Community of Pakistan. Every Goan has ancestral roots in Goa, India, formerly a Portuguese colony. All Goans of Pakistan are predominantly Catholic. Although the 'Christian Community of Pakistan' has contributed immensely to nation-building; this endeavor is solely dedicated to researching, highlighting and archiving the GOAN community's historical background, cultural heritage, significant achievements and contribution to Pakistan, before and after independence.

Civil Service & Politics

In civil services, the earliest noting is that of Anthony Cajetan (AJ) who rose to become the Chief Appraiser of the Karachi Customs during the mid 1850s. Maurice Raymond was the first Pakistani General Manager of the Karachi Port Trust, the enterprising Cinncinatus D'Abreo, Collector of Customs and Director of the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) and Cyril D'Cruz, Chairman of the Peshawar Electricity Board.

Joe D'Silva and Michael D'Lima also served the KPT. Then we had Latin Britto and Dr. A.B. Fonseca elected in pre-partition India to the Karachi Municipal Council, and later L.A. D'Sa as the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the KMC.

Dr. A.P.R. Pinto and Dr. Hermann Drago were appointed by the Government of Pakistan to the Karachi and Mirpurkhas Divisional Councils, and Ben F. D'Souza to the Karachi Municipal Council. Joseph D'Mello was appointed Chairman of the Pakistan Railway Board and Sydney Pereira rose to be Chairman of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.

Dominic D'Souza of the PWD and F.X. Nazareth (grandfather of Yoland Vas - mother of Desmond Vaz of St. Lawrence) were outstanding engineers of Sind in those days. Narareth also designed and erected the KGA Gymkhana 'Augustus D'Cruz pavilion'. Another brilliant engineer was an Andrade (father of KGA's Luke F. Andrades, and grandfather of journalist Lionel Andrades) who worked on the design of the magnificent Monument dedicated to Christ the King in 1931 on the grounds of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Fr Arnold Heredia was responsible for setting up the Pakistan Christian Industrial Services (PCIS) and the Idara-e-Amn-o-Insaf (Justice & Peace Commission) in the 1970s. The PCIS built links with the industrial sector in Pakistan, organized an employment bureau and helped Christians in their quest for sustainable livelihoods. The 'Idara' looked at the rights of the workers and pursued the cause of the poor, especially in the field of labour. Both organizations are now extinct.

Fr Anjou Soares did pioneering work. He launched a big survey of the Catholic Archdiocese of Karachi published in a few volumes which indicated what the Church needed to do to keep up with the times. How much it succeeded and to what extent, is not known. Catechetical Centre Karachi is a result of his initiative. He went to the diocese of Hyderabad in the 1980s and began Jyoti Centre in Mirpurkhas, one of the leading Catechetical centers in Pakistan. Amongst the outstanding work done by nuns in the social sector, Sr. Ruth FMCK must be noted as she continues to work tirelessly with the mentally handicapped in Dara ul Sakoon, Karachi. (*)


This is one area where Goans could have done much better than what history reveals. The reason for not attaining this success was evidently the immigration process during which we lost some of our most brilliant minds, civic geniuses and prolific personalities. In the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the community was at the crossroads, not really knowing what its long-term goals were, in a country that was changing so fast, politically, socially, ethnically and radically. Thus the mantle of Christian representation fell upon anyone who could muster some political affiliation. The Church, though an integral and influential conduit, chose not to share the limelight.

Thus, in the field of politics, we had a few highs in the likes of Francis X. Lobo, Chairman of the Pakistan Masih League who took part in the 1972 Elections for a seat in the National Assembly and Cyril Mendes who was a member of the PPP advisory Committee on Minority affairs during the administration of Z.A. Bhutto. Later Cyril was made President of the Minority Wing by ZAB. We also had Mrs. Philomena Pereira who was a staunch PPP (Pakistan People's Party) political worker during the early Bhutto days.

F.X. Lobo was also the Chairman of the Pakistan Red Crescent Society for several years before retiring. In latter years, 1990s, we also had the young Alan Lobo contest a seat for the Sindh Provincial Assembly. 

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