This website is about the GOAN Christian Community of Pakistan. Every Goan has ancestral roots in Goa, India, formerly a Portuguese colony. All Goans of Pakistan are predominantly Catholic. Although the 'Christian Community of Pakistan' has contributed immensely to nation-building; this endeavor is solely dedicated to researching, highlighting and archiving the GOAN community's historical background, cultural heritage, significant achievements and contribution to Pakistan, before and after independence.

The Goan KOORS or Clubs of Karachi

When among the first batch of Goans arrived in Karachi in search of jobs, accommodations were a problem and they wanted a place to live in. This need was fulfilled by enterprising Goans who were already here and who belonged to the various villages of Goa.

They started renting firstly, and later purchasing, small flats and or houses, mostly in Saddar to fulfill their religious, social and living needs. Since most who came here were bachelors, the camaraderie among them was brotherly and they helped each other to settle down, sometimes with their families.

The ‘Koors’ in Karachi could accommodate up to 10 – 15 persons, all one could get was space for one trunk which also served as a bed at times. The clubs were well managed, memberships and subscriptions taken care of and activities organized on feast days, including the annual ‘village-feast’ day!

My dad was a member of the Salcete Club, they organized the Feast of Menino Jesus, the patron of the village in a befitting manner. It would begin with a special Mass at 8.00 a.m. in the Cathedral to be followed by a family-breakfast at the Boman Irani tea-shop in Saddar and later in the evening to a sumptuous dinner at the club.

Every ‘koor’ had a magnificent wood-crafted altar, hand-made by one of the many highly-skilled Goan carpenters at that time. One of my dad’s best friends Peter Filip Diniz was a master carpenter! He hand-made the main altar in our house in Depot Lines, and a bed and a cupboard as dad’s wedding gift! The daily Rosary was important in the koors, hymns in Konkani, music by seasoned violinists, and later after the services, singing, socializing and arguments – all in Konkani!

Here are some names of the Clubs (Koors) which functioned in Saddar from 1940s onwards (1) Cancecares Club, Village: Canca, Tivim; Location: Off Frere Street (now occupied by the Rotti Press); (2) Sircaimcares Club, Location: Mansfield Street; (3) Salcete Club: Frere Street, near Bohri Bazar/Preedy corner; (4) Portuguese Club: Baveja Building, Saddar, Napier Street; and (5) the Anjuna Club.

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